Bring your pumpkins camping

Fall Camping is the thing to do. If you’re packing up the RV, bring some pumpkins along to carve! This year, go the extra mile and keep a camping theme while you’re carving. Round up the kids and get them thinking… imagine the bazillions of ideas you’ll come up with!

Here are some ideas to get you started…

1. Trees to climb & Trees that howl
Oak tree  Howling tree

2. Creepy Crawling Spiders
spider  spiders

3. Your flying friends… Butterflies & dragonflies & bees
butterfly bee dragonfly

4. Owls, both friendly and fierce
friendly owl  fierce owl

5. A “mini-me” replica of your camping trailer
camping trailer

6. And my very favorite… the “Campfire Pumpkin!”
campfire  campfire flames  camping fire  campfire of campfires


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