Camping for Easter


Let’s say you’re planning a camping trip for Easter weekend, but you don’t want your family to miss out on the traditional Easter festivities.

What do you do?

You bring Easter right along with you!  Here’s what your Sunday can look like around the campsite…


bunny pancakes

1. Wake your kids up to the smell of pancakes & bacon!

Make these cute Easter Bunny pancakes, with some banana slices, chocolate chips and a dollop of whip cream.  The bacon, of course, is just because bacon makes EVERY breakfast awesome 🙂










activities inside

2. Then off to an Easter Egg Hunt!

Here’s a different idea… fill each Easter Egg with a fun activity for the kids to do.  When they find an egg, they open it & have to do whatever it says inside.  Get creative, it could give the adults a good laugh!









snacks before lunch3. Before lunch have some snacks on the table!

Its all about the pastel colors, so liven up any snack with pastel colored candies!  These are m&ms and candy-corn mixed with chexmex.











Open up some of those Easter Eggs and set them out on the table filled with finger foods… baby carrots, olives, cherry tomatoes, pretzel sticks, apple slices, cheese cubes, popcorn, carrot sticks, etc.








egg popsicles

These are popsicles made out of frozen fruit juice!
To make: First, tip the eggs upside down and poke three holes in the bottom using a thumbtack (Two of these holes are for letting the air escape when filling the egg, the third one should be in the center of the bottom). Make the center hole bigger using a large nail. You will need it to be as big as the popsicle/lolipop stick. Once that is done, and you have your egg carton full of “hole-y” eggs, use a piping tip (frosting tip) to funnel fruit juice into each one until almost full.  Then poke in a popsicle/lolipop stick and place in the freezer until firm (overnight is best).






squirt gun art

4. After lunch, head out for some fun Easter activities!

Use food coloring to fill a few squirt guns with different colored water.  Then tack up some art paper (trees make a perfect art easel!) and let the kids have at it!

















“Memory” can be made into another fun Easter activity!  Hide different nature elements inside a collection of Easter Eggs.  Remember, you will need 2 of every item (2 acorns, 2 pine needles, 2 blades of grass, 2 rocks, 2 pieces of tree bark, 2 of the same types of leaves, etc.)  Once filled, lay out the eggs in a square pattern and kids can play “Memory,” trying to find the matches!













decorate flashlights


5. Then it’s gift-giving time!

Here is a cute Easter Camping idea.  Decorate flashlights to give to your kids as presents. It will look nice but also serve it’s safety purpose!









smore pack

6. After dinner, gather around the campfire!

You can make these cute S’more packs for all the kids!







peep smores2


Now THAT is one good looking Easter S’more!!






















7. Its not bedtime yet!
947c2888bdb6f413603bab78bc29067cIts time for one last Easter Egg Hunt… but this one is


Fill eggs with inexpensive glow bracelets or tea lights so they shine… or paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint.  Then hide them around the campsite.  Your kids will LOVE it!








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