Consign Your RV

Looking to sell your RV, but not looking forward to all the work that goes into it? In addition to detailing your RV and taking pictures that make it look good you have to deal with advertising, following up on inquiries, and showing it to people during hours that probably aren’t convenient for you. Not to worry. When you consign your RV you let us takeover the work that needs to be done. We work on everything and you simply reap the benefits of getting your RV sold. Here at Manteca we consign travel trailers, fifth wheels, travel trailers, motorhomes, expandable, and more.

consign you rv with Manteca

Why consign with Manteca?

You’re not a salesman or a bank, so why should you try to sell your RV? Here at Manteca we can offer incredible marketing of your RV so that it’s seen by all the right people. Additionally, we offer RV financing to buyers, something that is appealing and more likely to get it sold..¬†When you consign with us your RV will be:

  • Professionally photographed
  • Detailed
  • Placed on our website which is seen by users across the country looking for used RVs for sale
  • At the top of our priority list – we will work hard to get your RV sold in the fastest time-frame possible

How does RV consignment work?

Consider it sold! RV consignment with Manteca is a surefire way to ensure your RV is seen by the right people and purchased at a great price. The RV consignment process is simple. You’ll work with Steve Jessup, our Consignment Manager. He’ll take a look at your RV, determine a fair appraisal value, and then make an offer. If you agree on the price we will pay you for your RV. Once you fill out the paperwork and the deal is done and we take possession of your RV we take over the hard part: marketing and sales. We’ve designed this process to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Most who consign with us get enough money to eliminate or greatly reduce their RV payments.

If you’re interested in consigning your RV, contact us. We’d be delighted to counsel you about your options and even more delighted to count you as one of our many happy RV consignment customers.

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