Easy RV Tips: 3 Hacks for Camping with Pets

Camping with your furry friend can present a number of challenges, that’s why we’ve compiled this list of 4 easy RV tips for camping with your pets. These camping hacks come straight from campers who love to travel with their pets and decided to share their tips. So, hop in your brand new Winnebago Vista class A motorhome from Manteca Trailer & Motorhome.

Camping dog running
Never leave your furry friend behind when you know these RV tips.

Road Safety

One of the most common mistakes made by pet owners travelling with their fur-babies is making them ride in the camper instead of in the cab with you.  It is never safe to leave your pet in the RV while it is moving.  Invest in a few simple solutions to help keep your pet calm, like ThunderShirts or specialized harnesses that allow you to buckle your pet in.  Keeping your pet from roaming around the vehicle while you’re driving keeps both of you safe and helps them feel more secure.

Camping dog riding in car
Everyone will enjoy the ride more if you follow these simple tips.

Check Regulations & Amenities

You never want to arrive at the campground with your fluffy friend only to discover that the campground doesn’t have a place for them to run around.  Worse yet, a few campgrounds have “no pets” rules and may not allow you to keep your reservation if you bring your pet along.  Always call ahead of time and verify that your pet will be welcome and, while you’re at it, check for available dog-parks or amenities on the grounds!

camping dog
Most campgrounds are pet-friendly, but you should always check ahead of time.

Happy Campers

No one like to be left alone for long hours and some pets suffer from separation anxiety which can lead to destructive behavior.  Try to plan outings where your pet can be included!  Hiking and visiting locals parks is a great way to include your furry friend and will keep them more content than leaving them in the RV.  If you do have to leave your pet, make sure they have plenty of water and leave the AC on to keep them from overheating.  ThunderShirts are a great way to help treat anxiety in pets for short separations.

camping cat on leash
Your pet will love being included in your adventures.

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