How important is it to get away?

It is so important that we GET AWAY…


Whether we get away as a family, or we get away with our loved one, or we getaway with our favorite friends… time away from our normal routines of life are life-giving.


Here is my Top 10 list on why it’s vital to our physical, emotional, and relational health:

  1. It helps us remember what’s really important in life.
  2. It helps us refocus.
  3. It helps us relieve stress.
  4. It helps bring peace back into our minds and hearts.
  5. It reconnects us with our loved ones.
  6. It reconnects us with ourselves.
  7. It builds lasting memories we will treasure.
  8. It brings adventure back into our life.
  9. It gives us something to look forward to.
  10. It will mean the world to your kids.




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