Let’s dress up for Halloween!

Tis the season… no, not Christmas… Halloween!  What a fun, family-friendly event.  It doesn’t have to be a scary night- make it an opportunity to pull your family together, dress up, and go out for some candy!  And the best part?… when you THEME your costumes!  Let us give you some awesome FAMILY-THEMED costume ideas to get the ball rolling:

Here’s us a couple years ago.  My adorable Honey Bee & my handsome Honey Bear:

HoneyBee  HoneyBear-1

And here’s the whole fam.  (It’s true, we could have done a better job with my husband!)… He was a tree and I was a flower:



Then our friends came over.  They went with the firefighter theme!  2 cute little firefighters and 1 adorable flame:


There are so many ideas to pull from:

lobster-family avengers_family1 the_laundry_crew-tide SuperMarioBros road_signs-costume popcorn-645x480 milk_and_cookies starbucks_family1



And if you’d like to stay with the camping theme:

campfirecostume Family-Smore--678x1024 groupsmorecostume

Your kids will love it.  Think of the memories and pictures you’ll look back on!

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