RV Tips: 5 Tips for RVing with Pets

Traveling the country in search of new adventures just isn’t the same without your four-footed friend by your side!  However, if you’re planning to go RVing with your pet, then you’ll want to check out these five RV tips for camping with pets.  So, load up your Jayco Alante class A motorhome from Manteca Trailer and Motorhome, LLC, grab your furry friend, and get ready to hit the road!

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Safe Travels

One of the number one mistakes that pet owners make when RVing with their pets is that they leave the pet loose in the camper while on the road.  It is never safe to let your pet roam around in the trailer while it is moving.  Instead, put them in a pet-crate and be sure to let them out to stretch whenever you pull over for gas or pit-stops.

Most pets can be trained to enjoy their crate and may even take comfort in having a place to themselves.

Campground Rules

Be sure to check with the campground you’re headed to before bringing along your pet.  Most campgrounds are pet-friendly, some even have pet parks specifically for your fur-baby, but others do not allow pets.  Be sure to call ahead or check their website to ensure your fluffy friend will be welcomed.

Campground parks are a great place for a game of catch but check leash regulations before removing from your dog.

Leaving Your Pet

Even if your pet is used to being alone for long hours due to your work schedule or busy life, you should strive to not leave them for long at the campground.  Most pets will feel anxiety when left in a new place that they are not used to yet, which will make them less content while alone.  Additionally, even high-end campers may experience AC issues in the heat of summer.  If the pet is left in a hot RV all day, it could get very sick or worse. Try to leave your pet only for short amounts of time.

Remember, this place is new and exciting, so they may be more anxious than usual.

Day Trips

Another excellent tip for keeping your pet’s separation anxiety to a minimum is to plan outings where they can come along, too.  Hiking the local trails is an excellent example, along with visiting state parks, or other outdoor events.  Planning these things helps keep your pet involved and reduces their fears of being in the new place.


Accessories for RVing with Pets

There are several available accessories to improve you and your pet’s overall camping experience.  Things like ThunderShirts are perfect for dogs and cats with separation anxiety or who have trouble with car rides.  The shirt acts like a weighted vest or a hug to keep the pet feeling safe.

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