RV Tips: 5 Ways to Increase the R-Value of Your RV

Hi, I’m Kate!  I’m a full-time RVer, wife, mother, and writer who is loving life in our fifth wheel.  This Heartland ElkRidge 38MB fifth wheel for sale at Manteca Trailer Sales is very similar to my RV; the layout is perfect for us because it features two bedrooms and a large living space for us to work and play in during the day.  If you’re looking for a way to stay warm while camping this fall or winter, here are a few of my DIY RV tips for increasing the R-value of your RV.

Elkridge Main
Learn more about this Heartland ElkRidge fifth wheel from Manteca Trailer Sales.

1. Sealing Windows

RV windows are single-paned and notorious for being poorly insulated.  Before we started insulating our fifth wheel, you could feel the drafts of cold air seeping in from the windows.  One of the first things we did to help keep warm is to buy window insulation kits from Amazon.  These kits come with double-sided tape and a roll of plastic so that you can create your own second pane for your windows.  It’s easy to install and makes a huge difference.

Elkridge interior
All those big, beautiful windows need be sealed!


2. Skirting

The second thing we did was to invest in RV skirting.  You can usually pick up RV skirts at your dealer’s parts department, so call Manteca Trailer Sales today to see if we can get you outfitted today.  However, if you can’t find it there, Amazon does carry RV skirts.  If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can try a DIY skirt, which is what we did.  We used a thick industrial plastic sheet in black and attached it to the bottom of our fifth wheel all the way around to act as a wind barrier. So far, it has made a huge difference in the heat loss from our floor.

3. Storage Insulation

Your pass-through storage may be heated, but adding some double bubble foil insulation to the ceiling of your storage space and significantly increase the R-value of your flooring.  Additionally, if you can add the foil insulation to your under-bed storage, or the insides of your cabinets, it can help, as well.

4. Use Rugs

I love the flooring’s look in our RV, but to weather the colder months, I have almost every inch covered in fluffy rugs to help keep the heat trapped inside. You can find inexpensive, small area rugs at Dollar General, which is where I’ve done most of my shopping because they’re perfectly sized for the RV.

Close up rug

5. Vent Covers

Your AC vents may be another area that heat escapes.  Ask your RV dealer about AC covers to protect from the snow and debris during the colder months.  Additionally, your bathroom vent and skylight can be insulated with vent cushions to reduce heat loss.

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