The OTHER SIDE of a Campfire

OtherSideCampfireWe all notice the FRONT SIDE of a campfire.

Its beauty.  Its warmth.

But have you ever stopped to notice the OTHER SIDE of a campfire?

The OTHER SIDE of it is what people love.

The OTHER SIDE of it is what people are drawn to.

The OTHER SIDE?  It’s what the campfire brings.




UNITY: Everyone sits in a circle around it so no one feels left out…






REST: We sit around it in the evening time, when the work of the day is complete…






PEACE: Its glow has a calming effect for us…






AMAZEMENT: Its dance is entertaining, and we fix our eyes on it…






LAUGHTER: While sitting around, people begin to reminisce about good times… and the stories start rolling…






INTERACTION: Whether it’s roasting mallows or cooking a creative Pinterest dessert over its flame, it’s an interactive time for family and friends.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the one preparing, roasting, or watching… everyone is engaged.



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