Travel Destinations: Campgrounds Opening in May

As the country slowly begins to reopen after the quarantine, many RVers are itching to leave their homes and get out to the campground finally.  However, with many campgrounds remaining closed, how can you find an available camping destination?  We’ve compiled a short list of travel destinations that are currently open, as well as a few that will be taking reservations soon.  Meanwhile, if you need an RV to take you to your chosen spot, check out the RVs for sale at Manteca Trailer Sales!

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Campgrounds as “Essential Services”

Many states have deemed campgrounds at “essential services,” and are working to keep campgrounds and RV parks open on a case-by-case basis.  Below are a few of the states that continue to keep campgrounds available.  Be sure to call your chosen campground ahead of time as certain restrictions and additional precautions may apply.

Some states where campgrounds are open on an individual basis:
  • California — However, there is a “shelter-in-place” order, and most facilities are now closed to the public.
    • Bierbaum Pepper Farm is currently open for camping.
  • Georgia
    • All campgrounds remain open for reservations.
  • Kansas
    • Campgrounds remain open, call your chosen campground ahead for details on reservations and restrictions.


Closures and Possible Reopenings

Although many campgrounds have remained open throughout the quarantine, some locations have decided that closing their facilities was a safer option for all involved.  Below is a list of a few of the states that remain closed to all camping, though we may begin to see some reopenings later in May.

Some states which have closed all campgrounds until further notice:
  • Arkansas
    • The Governor of Arkansas announced on April 28th, 2020, that campgrounds will begin reopening in May.
  • Idaho
    • Although all campground throughout Idaho are currently closed, and state parks are limited to day-use, they may begin reopening in the coming weeks, since the closure order was valid through April 30th.
  • Nebraska
    • All campgrounds are closed until May 8th.  Reopening may be delayed further, pending reevaluation of the risk of opening.
  • Nevada
    • Closed all campgrounds until further notice.
  •  Delaware – Currently, all campgrounds are closed to the public.
    • Reopening expected to begin May 15th.
  • Florida
    • Not taking new reservations until May 16th.

Although camping options are limited at the moment, as the RVing season continues to roll in and the threat of the pandemic fades, many campgrounds will be opening their gates again.  If you are interested in learning more about your state’s campgrounds and COVID-19, this is a comprehensive list of State Parks that are closed and possible reopening information.  For more information on purchasing a new RV for your camping season, or to schedule a service appointment for your RV, contact us today!

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