Which RV Type is Right for Me? We Make the Process Easy!

If you’re getting your toes wet as a first time RVer, you might be asking yourself, which RV type is right for me? We’re ready to help take the guess work out of shopping for a new or used RV, and can help you easily determine what kind of RV would best suit your family’s needs. Learn more below!

Which Type of RV is Best for Me

What Kind of RVs Are There?

The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the different kinds of RVs out there.

  • Class A motor homes are long and resemble cracker boxes on wheels. These are frequently full-luxury RVs and come with all the bells and whistles.
  • Class B motor homes are combination camper and van. They’re ideal for couples or minimalist travelers, and tend to get pretty decent gas mileage.
  • Class C motor homes have the recognizable “shelf” over the driver’s cab which serves as extra sleeping accommodations.
  • Toy haulers are RVs with a garage in the back to bring along your outdoor toys: ATVs, bikes, kayaks, and any other outdoor gear.
  • Fifth wheels are hauled with a truck, attaching to a hitch in the bed of the truck.
  • Travel trailers come in all sizes for all families and, depending on what you choose, don’t have to be pulled by a truck but rather a variety of vehicles.
  • Expandables, or “pop up” campers, make a fantastic options for individuals who love a more rugged camping trip, or for families who are beginner campers or.

How Much Can I Tow?

Once you have an idea of the kind of RV you’re interested in, you need to find out what your vehicle can reasonably tow. This is as important as choosing an RV within your budget. Use our tow guide to determine what you can tow!

What Do I Need in an RV?

Here’s where you get to make your wish list of the things you want in an RV. What kinds of things does your family use and enjoy and would be helpful to have while on the road?

Which Type of RV is Best for Me

For instance, many popular options when shopping for a new or used RV include:

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