Winnebago Goes Retro with Tribute and Brave

Winnebago Brave 31C
The 2015 retro styled Winnebago Brave 31C . . . See it now at Manteca Trailer & Motor Home.

In the late 60’s and early 70’s, Winnebago was the name recognized when anyone mentioned the word Motorhome.   In fact, Winnebago actually earned the right to be called The Most Recognized Name in Motorhomes.

Today’s Boomers who grew up traveling and camping in the iconic Winnebago can share the memories and experience with their kids and grandkids today in the all new retro-styled Winnebago Brave (pictured here) and the Winnebago (Itasca) Tribute.

Did you know that the original Winnebago Brave was priced at just $4,000?  While they carry a higher price tag today, they’re still affordable for the family budget.

Both the Brave and Tribute feature the classic Winnebago exterior and colors, as well as retro inspired yet modern interior styling and features.  Click these links to see the inside of the Tribute and the Brave.  Structurally, these classic have come a long way and now feature fiberglass roof instead of rubber, Thermo-Panel sidewalls for strength and durability, E-Coating to protect steel components, embedded steel in the sidewalls, and specially engineered interlocking joints.

Winnebago is also inviting the public to write their own story and share memories of their Winnebago experiences.  Read — and write about it — at

Winnebago goes retro.  You can see and drive the new Winnebago Tribute and Brave at Manteca Trailer.  Call us at (877) 289-1274 to schedule your test drive.



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