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The History of Manteca Trailer & Motorhome

Maaanteca! A Family Legacy.

Manteca Trailer at NightBob and ShirleyThe Bears

Bob Davis and his wife Shirley, opened their RV dealership in Manteca in 1970. Bob had an accounting background and was a hard working plain spoken reserved man with a passion for being an entrepreneur. Shirley Ran the office and Bob invested for the family. Bob bought farms, buildings, and helped other people start businesses. Bob became quite famous from Oregon to Bakersfield with his TV commercials closing with "We're not the biggest, We're the nicest, MaaannTeeca! Raising his signature cigar in the air and yelling MaaannTeeca! Still today people yell MaaannTeeca and don't even know where they learned to do it that way. Bob and Shirley Raised three children who at one time or another all worked in the dealership. Trena the oldest became a successful CPA, Terry stuck with his father and mother and did everything from forklift driving to sales manager. Tamey did the dealership DMV for years and then went on to build a successful company providing DMV for the family dealership and many others.

Second generation RV Dealer Terry Davis took the helm around 1988 and things really took off. Terry hired David Tenney in 1992 and they made a great team. Brawley's RV, Sundown RV, RVs of Sacramento, RV Storage Companies, Eagles Nest Harley-Davison all came out of that little RV Store Bob Davis started. After the death of Bob and Shirley Davis Trena the eldest child left her CPA firm and joined Terry in running the family businesses. They learned that price is so very important but they always achieved to deliver that best price in the market place and deliver great service. Terry built the new facility next door in 2005 and moved the company from the two bay 10,000 sq ft building into the 30 bay 79,000 sq ft building. Terry's mother and father passed away and never saw the new store but they would have been very proud of what they had built. What an enterprise the family had built! In 2007 the economy turned and it got crazy. Dealers closing and customers being left all alone. Service provided by Manteca Trailer was greatly appreciated by the customers and kept the company going when sales were slow. The company shrank a little. As competitors closed Terry also down sized. Coming out of the economy we say "we are stronger than ever"!  Smarter, more focused on service, more appreciative of our customers than ever before and way more concerned about what companies we represent and what products we sell our customers. It's got to be great product and it's got to compete in the price war!

In 2014 Terry and Trena decided it was time to downsize again. Manteca Trailer and Camper Inc. was closed and the building was rented to David W. Tenney (the long time G.M.) and he started Manteca Trailer and Motorhome LLC. David was considered part of the family. Being second in charge since 1992 meant he had spent 22 years of his life working with and for the Davis Family. It just seemed right to pass the store on to David.

David wanted to do it a little different. David wanted to own one facility and make it a great one. David wanted to focus on great service and the right products less brands and increase volume with each brand. Selling more product for less suppliers led to better pricing and better supplier relationships. The new owner put his personal cell phone everywhere, BBB, Yelp, YouTube and lots of other places. David said if I have an issue I want to know about it. Let's take on the task of high volume and great service. Manteca Trailer and Motorhome LLC calls every customer after every service job is done and does an interview. The key people's pay is heavily effected by these interviews. David wanted to know how good they were doing and to improve every day. RV service is tough and the companies that built most the RVs on the roads today did not make it through the great recession so there is no support for the dealer. RV dealers are opening with no service facilities so that they do not have to deal with these difficulties when their customers need help. Manteca Trailer makes a huge majority of our customers in sales and service extremely happy but there will always be failures and mistakes. After all we are people! That is why David has made himself so available. David believes that an RV Dealer can't just sell RVs he has to be there to help his customers when things break or when you just can use it anymore. In 2016 Manteca Trailer and Motorhome LLC touched over 8500 customers and received about 20 bad reviews. We think that is great but not good enough. There are no other RV dealers like David W. Tenney that have invested the time and money into taking care of the customer in this way. The facility, technology, training, bonuses, longevity, and just plain old coming to work every day. 2020 was David's 33rd year in the RV business and he still has passion for doing what's right and taking care of the customer.