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Living off the Grid

What does it mean?

"Living off the grid," as you may already know, refers to a sort of system and lifestyle that is designed to enable one to function without the support of remote infrastructures, such as an electrical grid, municipal water and sewage, or other utilities (generally provided by an external body). It is the preferred way of organizing one's life for preppers and prepper culture as well as other survivalist facing ideologies. When you live truly off the grid, you are as in charge of your own space as you possibly can be! And there is no one way to live off the grid for any level of prepper or survivalist! 

Who can do it? 

You! Anyone can live off the grid if they want. Or, if you find that you are not prepared to live entirely off the grid, that is fine too. There is a ton of awesome survival gear and TEOTWAWKI (i.e. the end of the world as we know it) resources that can make incremental off the grid living something that you can do even if you aren't all the way off the grid. Even if you are the type who just wants to know the best bug out wilderness survival techniques and what is needed to pull them off, you can count yourself as an off the grid-er too. 

Where is "off the grid?" 

There are a ton of different types of off the grid living. Some people homestead and set up their off the grid space in a static location or on a parcel of land that is fairly remote, allowing them maximum isolation. Others move regularly in a mobile home or RV, traveling to new locations all across the country. The only thing that you truly need to do is minimize your reliance on an infrastructure; the rest of the rules are pretty loose! There are even some parks and resorts that you can spend time living off the grid. 

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