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What is Survivalist Living?

Survivalist living is a specific kind of off the grid living that heavily considers the social implications and potential outcomes of TEOTWAWKI scenarios and WTSHTF bug out scenarios. With roots dating back as far as 1930, survivalist living has gone through many changes in definition and outlook over the decades. However, the thing that has remained consistent is that all types of survivalist living focus on self defense and survivalist retreats to occupy in the event of a TEOTWAWKI scenario. 

Types and focuses: 

Safety-preparedness - For those focused on developing a safe and defendable environment for their families, regardless of the TEOTWAWKI scenario 
Wilderness survival - For those focused on learning how to overcome outdoor threats and adapt to hostile environments to be able to survive in rougher landscapes. 
Natural disaster - For those focused on shorter-term survival scenarios which might require them to live without support for days or weeks in the event of a major tornado, hurricane, earthquake, or any other similar catastrophe. 
Multi-generational - For those focused on creating habitable environments in the aftermath of a TEOTWAWKI scenario, not just for the immediate future, but for future generations as well. 
Monetary disaster - For those looking at less obvious threats to life as we know it and work to make sure that their survivalist infrastructure is not reliant on a Federal Reserve of any kind. This may include stockpiling bullion or resources. 

Learn more... 

Learn more about living off the grid here at Manteca Trailer Sales or check out some more information about off the grid environments on our camping overview page. If you have any questions about how we can help you down a path of prepping, you can always contact us today as well!