HISTORY - Maaan - Teca! ---- A Family Legacy!

Bob Davis and his wife, Shirley, opened their RV dealership in Manteca in 1970. He was a reserved man – plain spoken, hard working, with a genius for business. Shirley ran the office like a pro and together they achieved the American Dream. They lived to see their "mom and pop" operation grow to be one of the largest in California. Customers would come from all over California to purchase their RV; Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield, Livermore, San Francisco, Modesto, Stockton and surrounding cities. Since his passing in 1998, and hers in 2001, another service center has been added for a total of four –representing over 30 brands, and 500 on-the-lot RVs to choose from – not to mention a huge used inventory.

Yes, the Davis’ achieved the American dream: opened their own shop, grew it, and successfully passed it on to their son who has made it bigger and better. The business has grown in scope and size but it remains small in all the ways you’d hope. Customers are treated fair and square from the moment they walk on the lot. And it’s a great place to work. You’ll pick up on the friendly, family atmosphere and camaraderie when you visit.

Bob Davis never enjoyed the limelight and at one time, intending to replace his presence in the TV commercials, invited his customers to be filmed delivering the famous "Maaaaan-teeca" slogan. After the new commercials aired, there were so many calls from people wanting to know what happened to the familiar duo, the idea was nixed! So, the founder will always be the figurehead on television and most importantly, in spirit.

Second generation RV dealer, Terry Davis, shares his parents values, so you can rely on fair prices for quality products. You’ll brag to your friends about the superior customer service. You might be overwhelmed by the mammoth selection, except that's where the knowledgeable salespeople will be of greatest value to you. You can rely on the fact that this dealership will never do anything to jeopardize their name, because in the Davis family reputation is everything.

"We treat our customers the way we treat family. We want folks to feel welcome at Manteca Trailer & Motorhome. We’re fair and square. People appreciate that. They tell their friends." Though now they may very well be one of the biggest – the way they got that way is by being the nicest! Some things never change!