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If you're having trouble selling your RV, I can help!

We sell hundreds of RVs every year, most of them used.

We provide things that you cannot; advertising, service, financing, & warranties, to make it easy to purchase your RV.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost you anything. We do all the work, you keep the money!

"Consider it SOLD"!
We get results with our RV Consignment Sales!

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Customer Testimony - "Program easy to use. You came and picked it up. SOLD that weekend! Money was exactly as promised."

Customer Testimony - "Very easy... was impressed! You picked up the unit and 2 days later it was SOLD!"

Customer Testimony - "Very easy to use no complaints at all. Manteca SOLD it very quickly... much quicker than the last place. Last place had it 6 months."

Customer Testimony - "So easy to use! Steve came and picked it up. 30 days from the time you took it and it SOLD. $ - Got exactly what I was asking for.

Customer Testimony - "I brought my truck and trailer to sell. SOLD less than 2 months. Recieved the money we were looking for. Was a good experience."

Customer Testimony - "SOLD very fast... surprised! Very simple. $ - I got everything I was promised. Very happy."

Reasons to Consign your RV with Manteca Trailer & Motorhome, LLC:

Reduce or eliminate your payments by considering RV Consignments.

Your RV will be viewable on our website, which is seen by many users searching for an RV.

Your RV will be shown on our lot which gets great exposure.

We offer RV Financing for the buyer.

We work hard to sell your RV.

We have been selling RV consignments for many years now and would love to have the opportunity of working with you and your RV Consignment. If you stop in today at Manteca for help with your RV Consignment Sales of Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Toy Haulers, Motor Homes, Expandables and more. Instead of using Classified Sites, Newspapers and other forms of advertising just contact us regarding our RV Consignment Sales program today.

There are many buyers in the marketing today looking for all different types of RVs including yours. So let our Consignment Sales specialist help determine if RV Consignments is a good avenue for you. Also, our convenient online RV Consignment Sales Form can help speed the process and let you get onto purchasing your next RV.

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